5 Dog Breeds That Stay Small Forever

We know quite a few paw-rents who just LOVE small dog breeds. They’re endearing little companions who are purrfect for homes with limited space.

Small dogs often make up for their size with their huge personalities.


Pomeranian Lively, Bold and Inquisitive
Chihuahua Charming, Huge Personality and Apartment Size
Yorkshire Terrier Huge Personality, Sheds moderately, Highly Trainable
Papillon Quick, Curious and Upbeat Personality
Brussels Griffon Alert, Curious and So Darn Cute

No matter how small or how medium or large your dog is they are always our babies and we treat them as such.

How do you pamper or “spoil” your dogs? Do you celebrate their birthday in style, do they wear Doggles and go for a ride, do they go to the local park or beach?

CONCLUSION: Don’t you wish your dog could stay a cute little pup till the end of time? Well, each one of these small dog breeds grows up BUT remains their adorable puppy size. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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