9 Must-Read Tips To Know Before Adopting A Cat In Riverhead, NY – Adopt A Cat Month

June is “Adopt A Cat Month,” so it’s a great time to discuss with your audience some important tidbits to know before taking the plunge and adopting a cat.

A few important tips to note can be:

    • Why cat owners should not declaw their cats
    • – the claws are not the only part removed. The vet removes the whole first digit
    • of the toe. (Basically the first knuckle of our hand)
    • The importance of neutering/spaying
    • – We all love new puppies but when we do not spay or neuter our pet we can be subject to our dog wandering or the possibility of cancer.
    • Important supplies to have on-hand before adoption (food/water bowls, cat food, toys, scratching post, etc.) To add on to this I would add on a local vet that comes highly recommended and a recommended pet sitter/cat sitter as an available ear for helpful information.
    • Encouraging brushing/grooming and nail clipping. There is a huge problem for long hair matts and snags which may need to be shaved or clipped out if a cat does not get regular/daily grooming.
    • Brushing your cats fur is necessary time to bond as well as use the time to check for any fur/skin problem.
    • Encouraging regular vet visits and vaccinations as needed. Getting your cat used to a carrier would be greatly necessary so that you and the cat will not need to be wrestled into this carrier.