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Common Questions

What Is A Pet Sitter?
A pet sitter is a professional sitter that comes to your home and gives care and attention to your fur-family members and sometimes to your farm animal friends as well. At least at A 1 Critter Sitters and Training, we do.
What is daily/daytime dog walking?
Daily/Daytime walking is usually done between the hours of 10 and 12 when people may need to rush home to let their dog out but dont necessarily have that freedom. We may be able to adjust these hours when you contact us with your requests.
What is vacation pet sitting service?
Vacation pet sitting is when the client goies on vacation or a work trip and we come in to take care of the pets and even the home. We are giving the fur-family a staycation of their very own in the comfort of their home.
How long is a visit?

For a dog visit it is up to a 30 minute visits each time we come in.

For a cat visit we start with 20 minute visits and guage it on the cat and if we are stressing it out. WE tend to sit on the couch and talk to the cat and take side peeks at it and then settle the home and leave.

For farm animals there is a minimum of 1 hour visits, whether they are once or twice a day.

How many times a day should my pet sitter visit during a vacation?

For cats we recommend a minimum of once a day.

For dogs with access to the backyard we recommend twice a day.

For dogs with no outside access we recommend two to three if they are not on medications or special timing schedules.

Can a pet sitter stay at my home all day or overnight?
Normally pet sitters are set up to do visits but there are many companies that offer ovenights and generally run from either 6am to 6pm or 8am to 8pm. But even then those hours may be adjustable as well as adding a midday visit on top of that as well.
Can my pets stay at the pet sitter's home instead of my home?
This is an up in the air service that only some sitters offer. There is a zoning and space issue involved. Usually the pet sitter is set up to go to the clients home where they know the animal will be safer, calmer and hopefully less stressed than if they need to “visit/stay” at another persons home.
How much does pet sitting cost?

Honestly this can get pricey and you do not want to deal with the fact that your looking for theowest price to care for your pet and home. Please take into consideration that you are allowing a professional, hopefully is licensed and insured, to come into your home, look through your cabinets (because the can opener wasn’t left out, LOL) going bedroom to bedroom looking for the wayward cat or dog.
But I digress, pricing for pet sitters may start at $12 a visit and go up to $65+ a visit.

This pricing is based on knowledge, (we are Pet Firtst Aid/CPR trained), experience (in for over 28 years) and may have employees we need to pay on top of business expenses.

Do I meet the sitter before service?
You should always meet the sitter before service, especially if you have an invisible cat/dog, nervous animals or last minute requests to ask about. This also gives the animal the chance tomeet/smell this new human that may stop by and interact/socialize with them that day.
Should my pet sitter be insured?
MOST definitely. We are here to help you when you need us but let’s face it, accidents happen whether they may be an accident or intentional.
Should my pet sitter be bonded?
This is an iffy question. Bonding is different than insurance. Bonding generally applies only if someone steals from your home, and is convicted of the crime. Sitters usually opt for “Theft insurance”
Is it safe to have a 'stranger' in my home?
Living in NY this is the NYer’s mentality that I do not believe in, at least not wholeheartedly. WE used to leave our doors unlocked all day, now I do it because of other reasons. But once you meet your sitter and you get your gut feeling, please do not hesitate to ask your questions. We are here to help you take that vacation or spend time with your family at an event. We will be your new extended family for your pets and maybe even be referred out to your friends so they may join you on an adventure.

Tips and More

From Professional Pet Sitters LLC

Tips when hiring a pet sitter
  • The pet sitter should be insured for liability, including care, custody, and control of the pet.
  • The sitter should provide contact information for references upon request. Do be sure to contact the references.
  • Check with vets, groomers, pet stores, and other area pet businesses to learn more about the reputation of your chosen pet sitting business.
  • Be sure that the sitter provides a copy of the legal terms of your contract, including cancellation policy and other terms.
  • Be sure that you fully understand the pricing of your service. Ask what services are included with the rate quoted.
Other factors to consider
  • What kind of pet education and/or certification does the sitter have?
  • Does the sitter know pet first aid?
  • Did the sitter ask many questions during the consultation, and did he write down all of the answers carefully?
  • Is the sitter a member of professional organizations, such as pet sitting associations, humane organizations, or other pet care groups?
  • Does the sitter have a backup plan in case of a personal emergency?
  • Is the sitter a full time sitter, or do they have limited availability due to another job or school?
  • Does the sitter have the proper licensing for their area (in some areas a business license or kennel license for boarding may or may not be required).
  • Does the sitter talk positively about other sitters in the area, and seem informed about the industry and other pet care providers?
Final questions to discuss with pet sitter
  • Will you have the same sitter serving your home the entire time you are away?
  • Will the sitter be allowed to bring anyone with them to the sits?
  • Does the sitter ever bring children to visits?
  • How often will the sitter leave a note for you logging how the trip is going?
  • Do the sitter’s available time periods fit your pet needs?
  • How will your key be stored or returned?
  • Has the sitter cared for your type of pet in the past?
  • Does the sitter accept multiple payment methods (cash, check, money order, etc)

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