HEAT EXHAUSTION: How to Know If Your Dog Is TOO Hot?

Summer is not only about outdoor adventures with our fur-babies but also hot temperatures. The truth is—we all get hot, even our dogs. But how do you know your pet is overheating?

  • What is heat exhaustion? The most telling symptom of heatstroke in dogs is excessive panting.
  • List 4 signs of heat stress in your dog [excessive panting, excessive drooling, elevated body temperature, excessive thirst, changes in gum color or tongue (bright or dark red)].
  • How to avoid heat exhaustion for your dog PLEASE limit outdoor activities on extremely hot days, keep your fur-baby hydrated, keep your house cool, board your dog during your summer vacation or get a pet-sitter, monitor your pet (keep an eye out for the signs).

Don’t get us wrong, summer can be a lot of fun for you and your fur-babies. Just don’t forget to check on them when checking on the BBQ and the kids.