International Cat Day

International Cat Day: Day it was Sunday, August 8

BUT you can still make it up to your furry or not-so furry cats on October 29 which is when National Cat Day is celebrated!

5 PURR-fect Ways To Have Celebrated

The world celebration of all things feline, International Cat Day. This was a day to celebrate, love, and truly care for our feline friends’ well-being.

Every cat owner pretty much celebrates their cats every day. But there’s a real holiday for us cat lovers: It’s International Cat Day!

How do you celebrate this day with your cat? Do you spoil them more? Did you not even know it was a thing?


  • International Cat day was originally presented by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help raise public awareness about cats, to learn about ways to keep and protect them
  • International Cat Day is celebrated to increase awareness of our cats and those that still need to be heard and cared for. The health and well-being of cats are something that truly needs to be addressed.
  • Spend the day at the local shelter or rescue. Check-in even if it is just for a cuddle or to help clean litter pans and/or feed the kittens. Please do not forget about the aged ones either. They truly need our care and loving arms to hold them.
  • Create play tunnels for your cat [indoors or outdoors]
  • Buy your cat a cat tree
  • Do you know of a professional pet photographer that may be interested in doing a fun photoshoot?
  • Some local cat rescues to check into would be
  • SAVES, Inc,
  • KENT
  • North Fork Animal Welfare League
  • Just to name a few

CONCLUSION: How do you plan to celebrate International Cat Day? Share your day with us and share this article with a fellow cat-lover!