Should I tip my pet sitter or dog walker?

Pet caregiver arrives to find a pup that has had explosive diarrhea all over the crate.

Dog walker has arrived at the home and the leash has been chewed into pieces.

Overnight sitter has arrived to the home for the night only to find that the cat has had a hairball explosion and the refrigerator has decided to defrost itself.

These are really things that have happened to sitters, walkers and overnight caregivers. What would you do?

Caregivers put their whole heart into their care of your pets. Tips are not an expected part of their job but, as with any service business, it is greatly appreciated. Tips are a sign of gratitude that pet parents would show to their pet caregivers.

Pet parents come home to find the mail and newspapers on the counter, cat litter scooped, notes on the counter, pets quietly waiting for you to notice them. This is the picture of a perfect homecoming and this is what sitters are striving for when they care for your pets,

Creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere is not always an easy thing to do, as mentioned in the beginning of this post.

Please remember that these caregivers are here for the pets but a little extra incentive at the end is a great reward that might be in their future. Please think about what your pets care means to you and their caregivers.

Thank you for considering your thoughts to the pet caregivers actions in the care of your loved ones.